warnink warnink: diS iz offizial
disklaima: we brink ya fresh 100% NO COPY produktumz. dere4 acceptink otha peepla copyrikhtz nod necezzari.
psykadelic warnink: too dee too deee, i katch ya!
hidden nfo: we have seekret kolor page!

11.10.2001 newz: d.mend iz hero, page updated half year afta Cindy Kate party, releeses releesed, wow!
speziala thx 2 crs 4 underground 9 final enhanced versijon!
29.5.2001 newz: dere iz a konkurent Broncs produktionlist buda onla 4 IE +4, support m$ and get IE 4!
9.5.2001 newz: Fiasko 01 prodz = euthanasia, we gada solution
12.4.2001 newz: fixup: alley cut final versha here now
18.9.2000 newz: realtime radiosity 2: no mfx, final versha onla for ya pleasure!
4.9.2000 newz: fiasko00 stuff released. including serious science major earthquake "realtime radiosity 2: no mfx"
and final version of underground earthquake "underground 8: retro to metro"
5.6.2000 newz: sousedi...big action partywinnink 256b intro released.
29.5.2000 newz: final postkatasthropik versionz of we r0mb, ya don't and underground 1,2,3,4,5,6 released. you must go und download all.

[da highly serious stuff of big importanz]: We care about peepel w/o right poLiTikal opinion, we organised
da big big metropartii full ov high qualitti Subway p2k were we humbely leernet dem how2 improof our planeT
Now feel absolute free to say we ugli and we step on yo face and ya say we veri nice nice peepl for senatorz!

[tima 4 art:] suma peepla say wee wriTa onla komprezzorz, yee, koz dekompresha iz 4 lamerz hoo want deir data. Duno
beliif ant REed moor in cultural revue lz77, aritmetic kodink, block compression, huf, & archivers: rar, acb, boa, bzip2....
danger: our internazionell intelektuell power may harm ya, 6.4 doktoratez per memba, yez yez yez umsteigen!!.

[feature]: 4.9.2000: our investigative reporter haz investigated dat ya won! ya winner! every user winz w/ broncs!
we send ya sekret nfo of value impossible 2 deskribe to poor 3d demoz addikt
- location of sekret broncs kolor page

sentenz of tomorrow: we bronckz knightz, da yez!
(no copyritez here, no no no)

check tiz out grafitti on da wall
feel da broncs
gfx, last at Fiasko 1998
raytracing in progress
advanced raytracing
256B, 1st at Fiasko 1998
fascinating broncs logo
64KB, 4th at Fiasko 1998
fascinating broncs logo
underground 2: metro
64KB, 3rd at Demobit 1998
brutally enhanced file_id.diz
file_id.diz for underground 2: metro
sexual freedom
ansi art, 5th at Fiasko 1999
scene full of radiosity
advanced radiosity
256B, disk. at Fiasko 1999
crackin universe
work for reel men
256B, disk. at Fiasko 1999
absolute rompink
we r0mb, ya dont
256B, disk. at Fiasko 1999
mom, i don't see ya
ku psi brejle
256B, 8th at Fiasko 1999
testdrive sux, diz is ride
when i was driving home...
256B, 5th at Fiasko 1999
a cat is creeping through a hole...
256B, 11th at Fiasko 1999
evidentni silnoproud
4kB, 2nd at Fiasko 1999
hooz dat?
death by viagra
1.3kB, 5th at Fiasko 1999
fascinating broncs logo
underground 3: metro 2: make it funky
64kb, 2nd at Fiasko 1999
hooz dat?
dis will blow yar sox off
demo, 8th at Fiasko 1999
diz rompz
miss sporty (in retro) (linux/win extensions)
demo, 6th at Fiasko 1999
datz quaqua julia
fuck you
high quality (256B), 1st at Subway p2k
fascinating broncs logo
underground 4: sex machine
high quality (80kB), 1. at Subway p2k
god iz watchin ya
high quality (256B), 7. at Subway p2k
70 fps
realtime radiosity
high quality (demo), 3. at Subway p2k
papa anidas iz watchin ya
256B, 5th at Demobit 00
fascinating broncs logo
underground 5: return to hardcore
64kB, 3rd at Demobit 00
old maka donna iz watchin ya
256B, 11th at Demobit 00
she'z perspirink
secret ultra dry (linux/win extensions)
demo, 3rd at Demobit 00
bill gatez iz watchin ya!
95 widdows
256B, 7th at Demobit 00
fascinating broncs logo
underground 6:
64kB, 2nd at Avalcon 00
ooooh, we luv neighberz
256B, 1st at Avalcon 00
hello mr.cohen
realtime radiosity 2: no mfx
demo, 3rd at Fiasko 00
ooooh, vasek h. luvz ya and ya luv onla hiz limousine, shame on ya
terminate stay president
256B, 10th at Fiasko 00
fascinating broncs logo
underground 7: fresh art from australia
64kB, 7th at Fiasko 00
fascinating broncs logo
underground 8: retro to metro
64kB, 1st at Fiasko 00
hello cat
alley cut
4kB, 2nd at Fiasko 00
we gada solution
256B, 4th at Fiasko 01
fascinating broncs logo
underground 9: teen: pleasure island
64kB, 3rd at Syndeecate 01
we give ya nice elektroshockz!
256B, 14th at Syndeecate 01
get a driver lisenza!
dopravní značka
256B, 12th at Syndeecate 01
radijo propaganda
radijo tokijo
256B, 8th at Syndeecate 01
fascinating broncs logo
underground 11: mad cow escape
64kB, 4th at Syndeecate 01
dat thinga shiftz evri day
same day, different shit
256B, 6th at Syndeecate 01
say yezz to tv!
sousedi 2
256B, 9th at Syndeecate 01
demo, 4th at Syndeecate 02
fascinating broncs logo
underground 10: tangodrom
64kB, 3rd at Syndeecate 03
fascinating broncs logo
underground 20: god married
demo, 6th at Marast 04
reel men

wow... i wont anodr prodz !